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On August 2018 I tried to order from Isis golde on several sites and was unable to do so it would not take my credit card information for some reason I did try to reach out to Isis gold to ask them why that I was not able to order from their company because it was saying Bandit for some reason and I told him I have had this problem in the past with their site and I have never ordered and not paid for my order he then responded by telling me I wasn't all *** hag and to *** myself and called me a *** this is unacceptable he should be blackballed from ever selling any kind of product online I am going to seek an attorney it also report him to the Better Business Bureau his behavior is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it and all you people who keep ordering from him especially people of color should stop buying from him to let him know that his mess stinks just like everybody else he disrespected me and 2015 when I first ordered for them and I looked over it but not this time

Product or Service Mentioned: Isis Cosmeceuticals Hydroquinone Body Cream.

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It's not a guy, she is a black lady (although far from a lady )

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